Best Women's Walking Shoes For Metatarsal Problems

Best Women's Walking Shoes For Metatarsal Problems

Best Women's Walking Shoes For Metatarsal Problems


It is necessary to distinguish between ready-made shoes, which are made in series, in which orthopedic principles are followed, and basic orthopedic shoes, which are molded by the master to measure. The shoes made in series are called ready-made shoes. Shoes made with specially taken plaster measurements that help to straighten the foot are called "Orthopedic shoes". In our society, ready-made shoes that more or less comply with orthopedic principles are also called orthopedic shoes. The shoe research center of the German orthopedic association, working together with the shoe mold factories, determined the features that the ready-made shoes must comply with. The most important of these features is that the front of the shoe where the toes are located is wide enough.


Throughout the history of humanity, shoes, which are the protectors of the feet, have been emphasized, and significant efforts have been made in every period for the development of healthy and durable shoes. However, fashion, which is effective in the shape of the shoe, has not always helped the development of a healthy shoe, on the contrary, it has been the most decisive factor in the production of shoes that impair foot health. The story of the iron shoes that the Chinese once used with their passion for fashion has survived to the present day.



Pointed-toed and high-heeled shoes, which have been used in developed societies until recent years, are an obvious extension of the bad effects of fashion, which negatively affect foot health today. People continue to be under the influence of fashion even though they know that it spoils their foot health, and they want the treatment of deteriorated foot health from physicians. Even if physicians want to recommend healthy shoes to their patients, it is almost impossible to find such shoes in the market.

This is especially true for women's shoes. It is only an accidental possibility that a healthy shoe can be found on the market for women. When men's shoes and children's shoes are researched, it is not so difficult to find a healthy one.


'Metatarsalgia' pain in the area of ​​the metatarsal bones on the sole of the foot may occur due to trauma, structural deformities such as length differences, flat feet, and bone and soft tissue disorders. Pain occurs when the comb bone and joint are touched in patients. It also causes the feeling that there is a stone under the comb bones on the sole of the foot. Pain occurs especially during joint movement. Diagnosis is made according to the results of a detailed examination and X-ray of the feet. The first choice in treatment is to determine the right shoe selection and to use insoles. Rarely is surgery needed?



So, What Should Be Considered For Choosing The Right Shoes?

  • • First of all, when we try to squeeze the heel part of the shoe from the outside with two fingers, the heel part of the shoe should be hard so that it does not come too close to each other.

• Shoes that are not easily crushed by our two fingers are healthier.

• The heel part of the shoes should not be soft, they should grip our heel tightly and shoes with a wide front should be preferred.

You should not choose shoes just because of their looks, you should think about your foot health.

Pointed-toed shoes can cause deformities in the toes.

While you prefer to buy orthopedic shoes, close your eyes to shoes that prevent your feet from breathing.

Orthopedic shoes, as they support the carrier points, enable the body to be carried comfortably, support the posture of the spinal cord, relieve walking and delay your fatigue.

Preferred shoes should be suitable for your use in your daily life, the sole should be thick enough to prevent impacts from the floor, but should be flexible not to prevent the folds of our feet while walking.

The shoe should have the feature of not being easily bent right in the middle.

Healthy shoes should be bent close to the toe, where the toes bend while walking, in accordance with the foot structure.

The toe part of the shoe should not be too hard, the opposite of the heel part, and should be at a level where the fingers can be comfortable. The nose part should not put pressure on the fingers and there should be one finger space.

The shoes should not bend easily when we try to bend them, and they should be 2 cm. instead of flat heels. height shoes should be preferred.

It will be advantageous in terms of hygiene if the shoes can be washed in the washing machine with warm water. After washing, leave it to dry at a normal room temperature or in a slightly cool place and wear it after it dries to no moisture.

Wearing shoes with rest also has foot life and your feet old-fashioned. Likewise, an alternative shoe is on the same day to protect both the smell, the life, and your foot health.

Consider your action to accommodate this improvement.

The most effective factor contributing to the feet and shoes is the interior of the shoes. It is also called a pillow.

Shoes can be made with a combination of people who will fit inside the shoes. The first promotion of shoe tailoring.

If the shoes can breathe, they carry it for their health and hygiene.

Breathability of shoes is important for foot health and hygiene.

Shoe size alone is not enough to understand whether a shoe will fit your foot.

The shoes are produced in different molds according to the model, and for this reason, some shoes in the same size fit your feet perfectly, while some shoes may feel tight or loose even though you try on the same foot size.

The three most basic factors that determine the comfort of a shoe are that the shoe is dry, cool, and airy.

Heel size is also important for foot health while choosing shoes. Choosing high-heeled shoes can cause health problems such as varicose veins and tendon damage



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January 23, 2022
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