What Does Earring İn Left Ear Mean

What Does Earring İn Left Ear Mean

What Does Earring In Left Ear Mean


It is generally accepted that wearing jewelry is accepted by lost of women. But if you go into history, we will see that since ancients times, men have freely worn chains, rings, bracelets, and even erraings. For different times and peoples, such accessories can have completely contradictory meanings. Today, in the 21st century, piercing fashion is approached democratically. Earrings are worn by both women earring and men earring. It is customary for the latter to wear earrings in one ear, but you can easily meet a man who wears such jewelry. Today we will talk about what the earring in the left ear of a man means, as indicated by the earring in the right ear, as well as whether it is possible for the stronger sex to wear two earrings.


Earring History

Wearing earrings has been known to both men and women for at least 1000 years. But if we dig deeper, for example, when Ötzi “The Iceman”, which was found by chance in the Italian Alps about 5300 years ago and now has the title of the best-preserved and oldest mummy in the world, was examined, it was determined that there was a hole between 7 and 11 mm in his earlobe. In other words, even when the history of humanity was living in the bronze ages, they knew what earrings were and they were wearing earrings, including men.

If we come a little closer, for example, the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the years he lived in BC. (1341-1323), when his grave was found, along with many accessories, including a death mask, an earring hole was found in his ear.

When Siddhārtha Gautama (about 563–483 BC), the founder of Buddhism, was born, he had wealth and power. As a sign of status at the time, she wore heavy earrings that stretched her earlobes. But when the time of enlightenment came, she left behind all her possessions, including all her jewels. The adherents of Buddhism are depicted with enlarged earlobes in Buddha statues or images, as a sign of self-sacrifice.

There is another profession that wears earrings that everyone knows, yes you got it right, Marines. Wearing earrings, a common tradition among sailors, actually meant that ear piercings had traveled the world. You already know the other reason, there was always the risk that the sailors who went on voyages with long and difficult old wooden ships could not survive the voyages, when they thought of these possibilities, they wore gold earrings in order to be recognized and to complete the burial process.


Opponents of Church Law

The thirteenth-century church imposed a ban on anybody piercing, they opposed the fact that men wore earrings. This was because God created us as we are, so he wanted to see our bodies in their original state. Intervention in the form of his deformation was considered disobedience to the will of God. However, despite this, some human castes allowed it.

For example, thieves pierced their ears just as a sign that they violate the conventions in churches, showing that they belong to the "scum" of society. They did not listen to church instructions and pirates. From time immemorial it was customary to wear such an accessory as a sign of the conquest of the ship. The tradition is evident in historical films and even cartoons about pirates. We see one of its brightest representatives on a wooden leg, with a parrot on his shoulder and an earring in his ear.


In Which Ear Do The Earrings Go?

For men, the question of which ear to wear was once a question that caused a great deal of discrimination. In ancient times, it had become a kind of symbol, as gay individuals wore the earring in their right ear. During the years of discrimination, whichever man wore an earring in his right ear, he was looked at with a different eye. Although it was presented as such by gay individuals all over the world.



Let's get to the answer to our question, although we say that men wear earrings in their left ear, today there are too many people who wear both ears only in their right and left ears. The prejudice to the men's earring in the right ear is now broken, and the ear issue for men to wear the earring is entirely up to the person's own wishes and desires.



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January 22, 2022
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